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Ø  Architectural

Ø  Mechanical

Ø  Electrical

Ø  Structural

Ø  Plumbing

Ø  Fire Protection

Ø  Fire Alarm System


Ø  Building Permit Drawings

Ø  Development Permit Drawings

Ø  Floor Plan Design Drawings

Ø  3D Rendering and 3D Modeling

Ø  Schedules

Ø  Site Survey

Ø  Take-Out Restaurants

Ø  Dine-In Restaurants

Ø  Café and Coffee Shops

Ø  Retail Stores

Ø  Medical Clinic

Ø  Pharmacy

Ø  Veterinary Clinic

Ø  Retail shops

Ø  Service shops

Ø  Office space

Ø  Clinics

Ø  Daycare facilities

Ø  Day Care and Institutional

Ø  Nail Salon and Barber Shops

Ø  Other commercial projects

Ø  Including Home renovation

Ø  New Build Home

Ø  Addition / Renovation Home

Ø  Secondary Suite

Ø  New Basement Development

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